Mandarin Update !!

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 11 June 2024

Mandarin Update !!

Morning All

Just a quick update with mandarins, unfortunately this season has been terrible for Imperial Mandarins, the heat wave a couple of months ago caused massive flower drop so volume this season was very low, Moora Citrus usually harvest approx 1800 bins for packing, this year is was 90 bins, so by the time they put 1 load into Coles and Woolworths, the markets got next to nothing, and the other smaller growers also only had 1 or 2 drops, and quality wasn’t great.

We will now be sending out Local Clementine until the next variety starts, so no more Local Imperials unfortunately.

Also, a quick update with Packham Pears, this season is going to be tough, prices are $8+/kg, Bosch and Red Pears are still normal prices.

Have a great week everyone.



Mandarin Update !!

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