Market Update Friday 12/7/24

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 19 June 2024

Market Update Friday 12/7/24


Beans – We are able to get a small amount of stringless, but we will be mostly using KBs.

Cabbage – Prices will remain high.

Capsicum – Geraldton and Carnarvon fruit is the best at the moment, there isn’t much glasshouse fruit coming into the markets.

Cauliflower – Prices will go up again next week.

Lettuce – prices will remain high, we are paying around $34/crate.

Potatoes are an issue at the moment, Royal Blues are short Locally and also on the east coast. We will do our best to supply. This will; be on going for about a month. Might be best to order extra Red Potatoes. 

Pumpkin – Jap and Butternut has increased in price and will stay up for a couple of weeks.

Egg supplies are getting shorter, and prices have increased.



Bananas – Have gone up in price slightly again this week.

Grapes – White grapes are available from Mexico. We are currently only sending out full 9kg boxes until there is enough demand for breakdown.

Kanzi Apples (WA Fruit) is nearly done so we’re a little limited on sizes.

Kiwi Fruit – We will switch to NZ fruit next week, but the quality is great at the same price.

Lemons β€“ there are South Australian and WA Lemons available.

Limes – will be up in price, all the wet weather in QLD is finally catching up with the crops, will be over $24/kg.

Mandarins – Afourer are the best eating fruit at the moment. Imperials are only coming into the markets about once a week.

PP Date/Coconut or PP Date/Almond – there won’t be any for several months – 4kg boxes of Loose are available.

Rockmelon – Has jumped in price along with the pumpkins, it should come back down after a couple weeks.

Tamarillo – A few pallets came into the markets again today around $55/tray of 30/33/36 counts. Agents are unsure on when each load will come, but order them if you want and we will do our best πŸ™‚

USA Fruit – Stonefruit and Cherries are not available until further notice. There was a quarantine issue in a shipment over east which has halted nationwide supply.


Have a great weekend πŸ™‚



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