Market Update Friday 12-8-22

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 12 August 2022

Market Update Friday 12-8-22




Passion Fruits from Queensland and local is available now and tasting very nice

Cara Cara Oranges have been selling well if you want to try some, pink flesh oranges

Toffee Apples have started up again if you would like to try

Bananas could be up in price again next week, during the winter months as the weather is cooler fruit tends to ripen without its usual shine (dull grey)

Strawberry prices have eased and fruit is nice, still slightly green shoulders (waiting on some sunshine)

Seedless Watermelon will be down in price again next week

Gold Kiwifruit both loose & PP will not be available for approx 2 weeks

Avocado growers from local areas have just started picking, should be local moving forward

USA Cherries will be available mid next week again in 5kg boxes

Blueberries prices are starting to ease and local fruit has been eating well

Afourer Mandarins from Moora are the variety we are sending out this week 

Honey dew are very short and looks like being not available next week



Chives will be an issue again next week with all the rain/storm damage

Red Capsicum and Yellow prices will remain high next week, the cold weather in Carnarvon and high demand over East is driving prices upwards, expect Prices to be around $11-$13/kg

Potatoes price has now moved up on all lines due to the increasing growing/transport costs

CeleryCaulies ,Cabbage and Broccoli and Most Leafy lines next week will be shooting up in price. Bunch Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower from one grower will be done in 3 weeks. next week celery will be around $5.00, Ice Broccoli will be $6.00 to 7.00 kilo, Cabbage will be $4.50 to $5.00 each. We’re seeing these prices move rapidly and it looks like there’s no ease in the near future

Pumpkins prices should start to come back as Ord River/Kununurra picks up in the next couple of weeks

Asparagus we have switched back to Imported bunches because the Kimberley Asparagus just isn’t holding up and they want a lot more for it

KB Beans are very short and there is no good quality stringless beans, Carnarvon growers didn’t plant stringless this year and the only stringless available is E/states which aren’t very nice

Gold Squash will be unavailable for the next few weeks

Eggplant  prices have increased due to a shortage coming in from SA and the cold weather up north and will likely go up again

Spring Onion Growers have slight hail damage from last weeks storms, you will see spots of white on the leaf

Tomatoes we have had some Geraldton fruit in this week which is better than the recent Carnarvon, we are doing our best but this time of year there isn’t many options

Lettuce will be very short next week, our usual grower is out due to storm damage from throughout the week and we will likely see a price rise 

Chinese Veg will be OVER $2.00/bunch, The bad/extremely wet weather has damaged a lot of seedlings


Have a great weekend everyone.




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