Market Update Friday 20/5/22

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 20 May 2022

Market Update Friday 20/5/22












We have received correspondence from a few suppliers/growers recently advising of price increases. They note that the increases are due to :-higher fuel costs, big jumps in fertilizer costs and higher wages cost. Onions/ Potatoes and leaf line growers most affected.


Apples – Kanzi apples aren’t coming in as clean anymore. Pink Lady’s getting much better, we recommend these as your main line now

Apple Toffee – Toffee Apples have started for the season, will be available Monday. 20 count trays

Avocado’s – We will have Local fruit again at the start of next week, however some markets there is only QLD available. We will get local when ever possible

Banana’s – Cold weather in Queensland has caused major banana shortage, price should hold about where it is for next week

Blueberries – Won’t be available every market just yet but will be about $11/punnet when we can get them

Feijoa – local fruit is just starting to trickle into the markets, full trays only 5kg

Grapes – Red grapes will be finished next week, depending on how they arrive Monday we may not send anymore out. White seedless still has another 3-4 weeks however shelf life defiantly isn’t as good anymore, please don’t hold too many

Mandarins – More local growers starting up next week, fruit should keep getting better

Oranges – Moora fruit is eating sensationally, numbers are still short for now but we are getting supply every market. 3kg local oranges have just started but numbers are even shorter, now 10/crate when available

Pineapples – Our gold pine grower is expected to still be bringing fruit in next week, not much else around

Plums – Fruit no longer available every market and arriving softer than we would like, could finish any day now

Strawberries – Numbers still very short, it has been a slow start to the season and still no relief on price next week






Asparagus – we have stopped sending Mexican bunches out as these are not holding up, Loose Carnarvon Asparagus has now started so we will only be sending this out, prices $25+/kg. Stock currently very short

Beans – Good stringless beans finishing but good KB beans are just starting. We will use these for all orders next week, however they are expensive at about $20/kg

Broccolini – is still extremely short and prices up, cut backs may occur

Burpless Cucumber –  will be up in price as the cooler weather slows the growth down, only a few growers left, we’ve lost too many good growers

Lebanese Cucumber – prices are at an all time high, I cant but any lebs for under $12/kg, most growers have stopped growing

Cabbages – Extremely tight, absolutely nothing from our usual grower this week, cold morning aren’t allowing them to grow fast enough

Capsicum – all glasshouse prices are firm, usually this time of year when local Glasshouse Growers are coming to the end, we swap over to Geraldton Capsicums, unfortunately Geraldton have sold their land and are no longer growing Capsicums, Carnarvon isn’t quite ready so prices will be extremely high for a few weeks

Cauliflowers – farms are struggling to harvest these with staff issues plus some growers between patches, prices $6 +

Lettuce – Prices are over $30 a crate, Two of our largest growers are struggling with Covid issues and will be light on in supply for several weeks, cold morning are also not helping

Potatoes – Price rise next week with SA spuds being bought over to help demand

Pumpkins – Quality is sensational on Jap and Butternut coming in from the South West, Beautiful clean, good size heads

Swedes/Turnips – both lines very short, Swedes may be unavailable some markets but we will have them for the start of next week

Mushrooms – No relief in price next week, however the agent thinks we should be okay for numbers 

Rhubarb – some nice local rhubarb coming through but prices are very high

Tomatoes – as we near the end of local season you will get a mixture of local and E/states fruit, Carnarvon fruit extremely average

Potatoes – Potatoes across the board have gone up approx. 10-12%, 4kg spuds now $4+ each, still cheap when you work out kg price

Zucchini – Zucchini’s extremely short with some growers out for 2 weeks. Price up and we have had to use some smaller head sizes this week just to get supply. Good size will be available Monday, however we are being quoted over $2.20 each 

Herbs – some herb lines will tighten up this week because of the colder weather, Basil and Parlsey will be the worse. Quality on Basil has taken a hit with the local weather. Waiting for Carnarvon to start 

Honey – Delicious local Fewsters honey still available in 1kg tubs and we can also get 500g squeezy bottles when ordered in advance (500g can only be picked up on a Friday for next week delivery)



Market Update Friday 20/5/22


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