Market Update Friday 7-6-24

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 07 June 2024


Asparagus – Glamorous Kimberley has started.

Beans – KBs are still the best around, prices are still high. Pre-packed beans are still using small stringless which are breaking down quickly, please try to only order loose KBs for now.

Capsicum – Reds and Yellows are still an issue with supply and price. Greens seem to be OK at the moment.

Garlic – We will have some Australian garlic for next week, but we will have to switch to Argentinian after.

Pumpkin – Jap and Butternut quality and price is down, perfect for winter sales.

Snows/Snaps – Prices should come back midweek.

Tomatoes – Carnarvon quality was poor all week. We have a small shade house grower sending us tomatoes next week so hopefully their quality will be slightly better.


Apples – Sundowner, Red Delicious (Hi Early), Fuji and Galas are available for some variety on the shelf, but some of the varieties only come in once a week. Order what you would like and we will let you know if they come in.

Cherries – USA cherries are available and nice in 5kg boxes, price will gradually come down with each shipment.

Limes – Supply was low all of this week and it will be worse next week due to all the rain in WA and QLD, please keep stock levels low.

Lemons – Twin lakes has started packing and quality is great.

Mandarins – Imperials are finishing up due to the rain around WA. We should be able to get enough stock in to fill orders next week.

Melons – Kununurra Rockmelon and Honeydew we great quality this week. There will be more next week.

Pears – Prices have gone up again and will probably stay there.

Pomegranates – Nice local trays are still selling well.

Watermelon – Kununurra is sending a striped variety which is the best eating fruit around. 

Strawberries – Local Wanneroo fruit is in good supply now, hopefully the long awaited rain we are getting will not have an impact.


Some photos from this week:

Kununurra Rockemelon

Large Green Skin Avocado

WA Avocado

Fuji Apple

Sundowner Apple

Red Delicious / Hi Early Apple

Royal Gala Apple

Cara Cara Oranges

Butternut Pumpkin

Lemons – Twin Lakes

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