Written by martins-produce | Posted on 02 October 2020



Morning All


We appologise, Unfortunately we made a mistake when we were adding everyone’s number into the Whats App group and no one was actually added. We have now tried again and believe it has worked this time. If you have not been added, it is because you don’t seem to be have Whats App. If you would like to download the app and join the group, please let us know and we can add you later.


We are starting a Whats App group for all our Customers, so your numbers will be added today, if you don’t want this then feel free to delete it, we wont be offended.

The reason for this is to keep you updated with photos of new produce lines available in the markets, we will also post the specials on this app so that ALL customers will see, I know a lot don’t check the website. We will have comments turned off, so any questions about anything just call us or send us a text

Wes 0419957963

Brayden 0400976054

Lindsay 0408826331

Thanks and have a great week







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