Market Update Friday 16-2-2024

Written by martins-produce | Posted on 16 February 2023

Market Update Friday 16-2-2024


Blueberries – supply has been poor this week with local growers all finished for the season, Tasmanian and NZ fruit isn’t great and shelf life will be poor.

Nectarines/Plums/peaches – coming to an end, heat has really taken its toll. White Flesh Nectarines are finished.

Navels – we have been using USA fruit all week, fruit is firm, and taste just OK for Imported fruit, unfortunately you will get the odd bad piece of fruit, we do lift lids and check most boxes but sometimes fruit can turn very quickly.

Lemons – a mixture between Imported and some Queensland also coming through, prices still very high.

Strawberries – Supply very short and prices are high, shelf life will be poor, buyer beware.

Watermelon – has taken a hit from heat and prices have spiked.

Rockmelons – we are picking through different growers finding fruit that cuts consistently, prices up.

Mangoes – Kiett variety has now started but prices are very expensive, fruit eating very nice.

Pomegranate – local fruit has now started, trays of 20 counts.

Apples – I know its hard to get customers to stop buying Pinklady apples, but they really are looking 12 months old now, Gala are new season and definitely the way to go.



Snow Peas & Sugar Snaps – although very expensive, quality a lot better this week.

Broccolini – only 1 grower available and Broccolini is slightly yellow.

Iceberg Lettuce – hearts are smaller than usual, but you can all guess why, doing our best.

Ice Broccoli – only 1 grower supplying the markets, heat has destroyed crops, paying over $60/box ☹

Burpless – finally some good burpless around but prices are up, quality is sensational.

Tomatoes – we have been using South West fruit this week which has been a lot better.

Zucchinis – quality has been very average.

Capsicums – yellow and red have been glasshouse, also starting Monday we have some nice south west glasshouse green capsicum 😊.


That’s about it, have a great weekend everyone and stay cool.



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