Market Update Friday 21/1/21












Along with floods in QLD and the heat in WA, farms on the East coast are now struggling to get workers in each day because so many people are getting COVID over there. This has made it hard to get any produce over and price is high when we do 



Asparagus – bunches will cost $4+ Mexico, Australian bunches now finished. Carnarvon loose starting next week

Kiwi Fruit – all Green kiwi fruit is now USA

Lemons – you might receive Egyptian Lemons some markets if no Local, WA lemons are $10+/kg

Mandarins – Egyptian have started. But won’t be available most markets to begin with

Blueberries – any day now we will have to swap to New Zealand Berries, we are on the last Local and prices very high, fruit only just ok, don’t overstock

Navels – USA Navels due in the next couple of weeks but for now you will still get the last of Moora Midknight Seedless Valencia’s





Apples – most local apples are just about finished up so we will be moving onto E/States for most lines soon. Fruit still looks good but the E/states don’t usually have the same crunch we get

Avocado  – Price slowly on the rise 

Apricots – Fruit is starting to come in softer than we would like, they could finish any day now

Cherries – We will be using Tasmanian Cherries Next week, price will be slightly higher. Fruit will be finished in a couple of weeks

Grapes – Carnarvon Autumn Crips have just started and quality is sensational. Reds are okay but will be better when Sweet Celebrations start in a couple of weeks

Mangoes – we are now using very nice R2E2. Fruit is very good but price is up slightly

Nectarcots – Have just started and will be coming in 5kg trays. Season doesn’t usually last long

Rockmelons – Agents are meeting with growers again next week but it sounds like price will remain high for the rest of the year. No one can get enough staff in to pick fruit 

Strawberry’s – from the South West aren’t as firm as the start of the season but still holding up better than the local produce. Price up, numbers very short

Pineapples  – Are very short this time of year and now with the weather in QLD we are struggling to get anything in with road closures and farms under water

Watermelon – South West season is picking up and fruit is eating well. Make the most of the special next week!




Asparagus – Carnarvon loose cartons are starting up next week so we will switch to them when available

Cucumbers – Head sizes are bigger on burpless but quality is still good. Lebanese price is up, waiting on more growers to start to bring the price back

Chillies – There are now some very nice red chillies in the markets. Quality has been far better this last week

Ginger  – Like everything else from QLD, they’re struggling to get workers and packers. Price right up $43+/kg

Beans – numbers still very light, still just using stringless for all orders

Green Cabbage – is extremely short and prices over $3.60 each

Onions – We have found a grower that has just started picking their new season brown onions so quality should pick up next week. Our main grower is still just over a week away

Tomatoes – Quality has been good, but with this weeks heat we may have a few issues next week

Pumpkins – Butternut are going to be very short for the next couple of weeks. We can only get E/states and transport keeps getting delayed. Waiting on South West season to start

Lettuce – price has gone up on 10 and 12 counts. Heat has affected crops

Mushrooms – Covid has hit the farms so they are struggling to get enough healthy pickers. Price up and numbers short

Herbs – have been smashed by heat, you will notice some prices have spiked. Parsley is very hard to get

Loose Leaf – We managed to get full supply on spinach today. Next week should be better but with Australia Day, numbers may still be short

Eggs – Eggs are extremely short every where. Cage will be 800g next week and below is a photo of the new growers



                800g Cage Eggs                  700g Free Range Eggs


Martins Order Form 2021b (1)

Winners are Grinners AGAIN !!!!

Winners are Grinners AGAIN !!!!

On Friday night at The Crown Ballroom, Cunderin IGA took out BEST SMALL STORE FRUIT AND VEG at the 2021 WA Fruit and Veg awards, well done Jayson Goldson and his team.

This is a big achievement for Martins Produce, our shops have won this award 4 years in a row, considering there is over 400 shop nominees every year this is a massive achievement.

Well done to my awesome team here at Martins Produce, led by Brayden Munro and Lindsay Yates, all the very early mornings and hard work makes everything worth while when your Customers win these awards, so well done Boys. It has been a very difficult year with supply, with COVID affecting growers finding workers, add in an extra wet winter and  several severe hail storms, we have really had to work hard and be ahead of the market, to make sure we can get supply for our awesome Customers.


Below is just some of the awesome work Jayson does with his shop at IGA CUNDERDIN 🙂














We are very excited that we have secured the supply of Fremantle Egg Farm for our Customers, these Eggs are on par or even better than Busselton/Margaret River and Kalbarri Eggs, and the price is very competitive.

They predominately supply Free Range Eggs but they do have some Caged 700g at the moment.

Please text Wes if you would like to try these Eggs, they are ready to go for all Monday and Tuesday orders, you wont be disappointed.

Have a great weekend and Go Tigers!!!


Winners are Grinners!!!












Winners are Grinners!!!

Morning All

On Friday night our Customer BG’s Farmstand Busselton took out WA BEST FRESH PRODUCE RETAILER OF THE YEAR “SMALL STORE ”

So congratulations to Michael and Tonia, great achievement.


On Friday night our Customer BG’s Farmstand Busselton took out WA BEST FRESH PRODUCE RETAILER OF THE YEAR “SMALL STORE”
Congratulations to Michael and Tonia, great achievement.
Martins Produce actually had all top 5 Finalist
BG’s Farmstand 1st
Hopetoun IGA
Cunderdin IGA
Narembeen IGA
Wagin Foodworks
Congratulations to our customers on making the final 5, and also a big well done and thank you to my awesome team here at Martins Produce, getting recognised like this really makes the very early mornings at the markets worth while, that is also 3 years in a row Martins Produce supplied shops have won this award !!!
We also had 3 of the top 6 finalist for a BEST REGIONAL STORE

We also had 3 of the top 6 Finalist for BEST REGIONAL STORE.

Have a great week.




Morning All


We appologise, Unfortunately we made a mistake when we were adding everyone’s number into the Whats App group and no one was actually added. We have now tried again and believe it has worked this time. If you have not been added, it is because you don’t seem to be have Whats App. If you would like to download the app and join the group, please let us know and we can add you later.


We are starting a Whats App group for all our Customers, so your numbers will be added today, if you don’t want this then feel free to delete it, we wont be offended.

The reason for this is to keep you updated with photos of new produce lines available in the markets, we will also post the specials on this app so that ALL customers will see, I know a lot don’t check the website. We will have comments turned off, so any questions about anything just call us or send us a text

Wes 0419957963

Brayden 0400976054

Lindsay 0408826331

Thanks and have a great week







Gro-pack Lines

Morning All,

We have been getting excellent feedback from the new GroPak range so we have updated the order form to include prices.

All items may only be sold as full boxes, the numbers of items in each box is indicated at the top of each line.

Please download the PDF below and use this new form when sending in your orders


GroPack Order Form (Customers Copy) 2






Fruit and Veg Displays

Morning All

Please see below some display ideas, there are many ways you can present your produce, have a look and see if there’s any ideas you can try in your displays.

The more time you can put into your displays, you will see the results in your sales, if you have produce breaking down, please get it off the shelf and sell at a discounted price so you don’t stop sales.

Have a great week















Just a quick reminder about ordering cut off times, please get your orders in early to ensure that we can get full supply, the later we get our orders into growers and suppliers, the more chance we get cut back.

Monday Pick up orders must be in by 2pm Saturday, all other orders please have in no later than 12pm Monday to Wednesday. Try not to wait until the last minute to put your orders in, the earlier the better please.

Thanks and have a great week.









Well done to my amazing team at Martins Produce!!

Supplier to the winner of WA’s Best Small Store Fruit and Veg Award for the second year running.




Out of 280 nominees we had 2 shops make the final 5




Congratulations to both shops on an amazing job with your fruit and veg, a lot of hard work so well done!!!

We had Wagin Foodworks win the same award last year so its a big thrill and very rewarding for all the early mornings and hard work.

Now lets make it a 3 in a row next year 🙂

Cunderdin IGA 2019 Winners !!!

Wagin Foodworks 2018 Winners !!!